With 4 simple modes in Voxar.io unblocked, you can build whatever you want. Voxar.io online is a great 3D MMO voxel editor that you play for free to fly high your imagination and create things you have conjured up in mind. This 3D world attracts many friends from around the world. In this title, you need to make use of the given modes to create your world, including view mode, build mode, pick mode and destroy mode. Each of them functions in a different way. The view mode allows you to look around, the build mode lets you choose voxel color from the bottom menu, the pick mode lets you pick voxel color from current voxel around you, while the destroy mode lets you choose voxel and destroy it. Thanks to these unique modes, you will be able to create lots of places in this world following your own way. Join Voxar.io unblocked and have fun with it!