You play the role of a shooter in unblocked from the io games series. This is a three-person shooter game with unique gameplay and cool features to explore. Simply create a room, choose a map with a duration for a round then step into the arena to battle against enemies from around the world. You have to prove your shooting ability as well as use your strategies to outplay all other players for a chance of winning. free is not a hard game to master, but you will not find it easy either to vanquish. You are battling against skilled enemies and they can defeat you if you have no plans to go against them. As you make your way through the map, you should use the terrain and objects, like trees, stones, and architecture on the map to get the most advantageous shooting position. Your weapon is armed with unlimited ammunition, but make sure you reload the gun in advance when you use up all the cartridges in your arsenal. Don’t forget to watch out for your surroundings because you may get ambushed by enemies when they catch you off guard. Getting shot by enemies will make you meet your end, so you’d better protect yourself from their shots. Try your best to collect kills and get to the top 1 on the leaderboard in game. Have fun!