Happy Snakes

With Happy Snakes game online, your experience wit snake io games will be much more interesting. Rather than playing as a common snake like in other snake games, now, you are a happy snake slithering its way through an arena full of enemy happy snakes controlled by players from around the world. There can only be one happiest snake ruling the arena. You must try to become that one!

Since you are small when spawning in the arena, you should eat glowing dots that are dispersed on the ground to grow your size. Your body’s length and mass are key to your success in not only other Slither-style games but also in Happy Snakes io unblocked. So, you should focus on growing big until you are ready to take on other enemy snakes. A bigger size allows you to tackle other enemies more easily. But it also makes you a target to them, especially the ones that want to kill you. Therefore, you have to move around the map carefully, use skillful maneuvers to avoid running into the bodies of other snakes with your head, otherwise, you will be defeated. You can think about a strategy of attack as well as smart tactics to outplay other snakes. You have to become the biggest and the happiest snake on the leaderboard. Happy Snakes game for free also features cool snake skins to use. You can use them to make your snake much cooler in the arena. Have fun with it!