There are four teams competing against each other in DatTank unblocked. You belong to one of those teams and you must help your teammate defeat all enemy tanks in the arena to grow your score for a chance of becoming the leader. Playing Dattank free in your browser is a good way to present your skills. When you make your way through the map, try to collect some health packs and ammo packs as you shoot enemies that stand in your way. You start with 100 HP and full tank ammo capacity. But when you are low on them, you can use the packs you have collected to recover your health for the next encounter. Stick with your teammates during the battle because teamwork is key to your success. Also, you should develop your smart strategies to outplay all other enemy teams. Don’t forget to upgrade your tank to become stronger. The goal is to guide your team to victory. Have fun with Dattank game!