ClashBlade IO

How fast can you swing your sword to kill enemies in ClashBlade IO unblocked? Do you want to test your skills and see how many enemies you can kill? Come play ClashBlade io free online now with many players from around the world. The game features two game modes: rank war and endless war. Pick your favorite mode then step into the arena.

When it comes to fun and entertaining io games online, ClashBlade game should be on that list. It features a unique gameplay mechanic that you will love. In the rank war, you will have to defeat all enemies from around the world and try to get into the top 1, 2, and 3 to earn some experience points and gold. They are your real enemies, so make sure you defeat them before they beat you. Your weapon should be built in size by collecting orbs on the ground. This will help you level up yourself as well. The higher the level you reach, the stronger the weapon will become, which makes you kill enemies easily. But, your movement speed will be decreased when you advance your level, so you should move around the map carefully and try not to get outplayed by your opponents. In the endless war, you will play the game for fun. This means you will not get any experience points or gold even if you win. Choose your favorite game mode to master! Play and have fun with free game!