unblocked lets you play as a magical fox in a forest and your goal here is to defeat all other enemy foxes. When you make your way through the forest, you should eat some cherries to get your size bigger and avoid all the enemy foxes that are bigger than you, otherwise, you will get eaten. free is the same as in terms of gameplay, but it can be much funnier to play.

You should use your skillful maneuvering to move around the map because enemies are around you and if you don’t pay attention to their moves, they will take a chance to ambush and eat you. When you get bigger, you can eat the enemies that are smaller than you to get your size even bigger. You can run away from the bigger foxes by using the holes. Those holes can teleport you to another area on the map. Try to survive for as long as possible until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Have fun with game!