Swordz.io game


Swordz.io is a survival game where swordsmen from around the world have to fight one another for dominance. Join Swordz.io unblocked to express your skills!

As a swordsman armed with a sword in Swordz.io multiplayer fighting game, you must go kill all enemies around you for your survival and the ultimate victory. Swordz.io free game opens up a very intense battle that requires players to have good strategies, nice tactics, and an excellent sword-swinging skill to master. At the moment, you are trying the Alpha version of Swordz.io game. More updates will be coming out to make the gameplay much better, which gives you a more exciting experience.

Swordz.io gameplay

  • Pick your favorite game mode: PVP and Food Chain before you jump into the fray!
  • As soon as you enter the map, you will move around the map as a tree branch character (swordsman) to kill opponents for extra score.
  • You will see some green and red dots dispersed on the ground. Try to kill them as much as you can to make your sword much longer and more powerful.
  • Once you have powered up yourself, try taking on tough swordsmen and use your prepared strategies to outplay them for a chance of winning.
  • Like other fighting io games, Swordz.io free unblocked also has a leaderboard showing the high ranks of players in the arena. Your objective is to reach the top to build up your dominance and become the best swordmaster with the best score!

Strategy for mastering Swordz.io game

You can choose to become a quiet or aggressive swordsman. If you are a calm player, you should focus on collecting dots to make your sword longer and then evolve yourself into a new character with better abilities then you can begin fighting with other players. If you are a hostile swordsman, focus on killing enemies to get more scores for evolving fast.

Play Swordz.io unblocked online free now to hone your sword-swinging skill and meet new opponents from around the globe. Hope you will earn yourself a wonderful experience!