Swordz.io is one of the best io fighting games about swords. Get ready to enter an arena where you use your sword to kill foes, level up and be the sword champion.

Swordz.io all servers
Swordz.io all servers

Rather than a normal fighter, you will become an aggressive swordsman in Swordz.io, armed with a sword to fight against other rivals worldwide. This survival web-browser game is playable for free in your browsers. Also, you can easily join Swordz.io unblocked on Google Sites at school. You will start as a basic swordsman and as you progress into further stages, you will experience many evolutions, which is one of the best features in Swordz.io free game.

What is Swordz.io unblocked?

What is Swordz io?
What is Swordz io?

Swordz.io unblocked is a free online fighting io game about swords. Players from around the world will be placed into an epic battle in a huge battlefield where they become cunning swordsman fighting for the championship. Although you are a swordsman, your appearance will be like a tree branch as you start the battle. You are armed with some skills and a nice weapon that will be used to destroy your opponents. As you level up, you will evolve yourself into more types of characters with better abilities.

There are two Swords.io modes available for you to play, including Food Chain and PVP. You can select your favorite mode or try both of them if you want. Also, there are many games like Swordz.io that will definitely keep you engaged for hours as well, such as EvoWars.io. You may want to try them too!

Play swordz.io unblocked
Play swordz io unblocked

Two Game Modes in Swordz.io

As mentioned above, players can enjoy two different game modes in Swordz.io unblocked, including:

Food Chain

Swordz.io Food Chain is a wonderful mode where players have to compete against each other to level up their ranks for dominating the game. This basically means that if you are at a higher level, you can kill more levels. Let’s take a look at a specific example: a level-3 Barbarian is able to kill level-2 Knights. Keep in mind that you are unable to destroy enemies that are at a higher level than you.

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Swordz.io PVP is also a fascinating mode that draws the attention of Swordz.io gamers. This is the mode where you must eliminate all enemies. Try to use your sword to hit people around you until they are wiped out of the arena while defending yourself from their attacks. To outwit your opponents, you should make your sword longer. Having a longer sword in hand will help you deal damage to other players more easily.

Main features in Swordz.io

Main features in Swordz.io
Main features in Swordz.io

An epic sword battle with evolution gameplay

One of the best features in Swordz.io is Evolutions! This basically means that a player will experience many different stages during the course of the game. At the moment, Swordz.io features up to 23 evolutions for you to evolve. When you advance through the evolution, the size of your sword will get longer.

Hunting multiple monsters to get food

Besides real human opponents, you will also come across monsters in Swordz.io free game. They are regarded as the AI’s and you always see them roaming many discrepant biomes across the map. Swordz.io unblocked currently contains 9 monsters for you to hunt to get food. They are different from each other in terms of the number of hits and the amount of XP.

Using safe zones to defend yourself

Safe zones are the good places on the map in Swordz.io game, which can be used to protect yourself from dangers. There are currently 5 safe zones that appear on the mini-map as orange dots. Every single biome contains one safe zone. You should take advantage of it to keep yourself safe from opponents. Be aware that your sword cannot be used while you are in a safe zone.

Talking to other players

This feature allows you to talk with another player in the game! To use the talking feature, you simply press the Enter key on your keyboard then you can type your messages. Normally, players will have a nice chat in a safe zone and they don’t have to worry about getting destroyed by someone else. Another thing you must notice when using this feature is that there is a restriction on how much you can type.

How to play Swordz.io game online

When you spawn in the map of Swordz.io, you become a tree branch character armed with a basic sword. Now, you will start making your way through the map hunting for opponents and quickly destroy them using your given sword. There are green and red dots scattered around the map. You must kill them to level up and make your sword much longer. Also, when you kill other players, you will get an extra score. It’s up to you to play as an aggressive swordsman to grow your rank fast or you can focus on leveling up then engage in the battle when you are ready.

How to play the game Swordz.io
How to play the game Swordz.io

Since Swordz.io unblocked game is a mouse — pointer game, you will use the mouse to direct the movement of your character. To perform a quick dash, the right mouse button will help you do that. When you hold the right mouse down, you will keep performing the quick dashes. To swing your weapon, simply press the left mouse button. Your sword will swing in a 180 degrees semicircle.

Keep in mind these simple controls so you can master Swordz.io game easily:

  • Mouse: Perform the movement of your character
  • Left mouse button: Swing your sword
  • Right mouse button or space bar: Perform a quick dash.

What are the different evolutions in Swordz.io?

As you know, Evolutions is an outstanding feature in Swordz.io, allowing players to evolve themselves throughout the game. As you level up, you will evolve into a new character with a new appearance, a new amount of XP as well as a longer sword. Below here are all the evolutions available in Swordz.io game:

  • Nymph (level 1)
  • Barbarian (level 3)
  • Spartan Warrior (level 4)
  • Trojan Warrior (level 5)
  • Archmage (level 6)
  • Royal Knight (level 7)
  • Archangel (level 8)
  • Cyan Crusher (level 9)
  • Reaper (level 10)
  • Flame Knight (level 11)
  • Frost Dragon Slayer (level 12)
  • Head Wizard of the Void (level 13)
  • Holy Protector (level 14)
  • Jungle Shaman (level 15)
  • General of the Sea (level 16)
  • Monkey King (level 17)
  • Berzerker (level 18)
  • Darth Vader (level 19)
  • Holy Knight (level 20)
  • Vampire Knight (level 21)
  • Corrupted Knight (level 22)
  • Guardian of the Sky (level 23)
  • Chaos Knight (level 24)
  • Celestial Knight (level 25)

Strategies to win Swordz.io

Strategies to win Swordz.io
Strategies to win Swordz io

Swordz.io strategies are so diverse, but here are the simple ones you can follow to get wins. As you know, getting destroyed by enemies is a thing that nobody wants to experience in Swordz.io. Whatever you do, you must ensure that you will not get sliced up by your enemies. To avoid getting sliced up, try to always get your sword ready and be willing to counterattack anyone that is attempting to kill you.

Keep in mind that everybody in the arena has the same-sized sword. You should swing it carefully and make your sword longer to perform an easy kill. You can hone your skill by killing some little targets dispersed across the map before taking on other enemies.

Using Swords.io Hacks to win fights

 Using Swords.io hacks to win fights
Using Swords.io hacks to win fights

You are now able to download Swordz.io mods and then enjoy game with Swordz.io hacks. The game itself is already fun and addictive enough to keep players entertained for hours. Now, it will become much more awesome to master when players can use hack scripts as well as install some mods to experience extra features. Feel free to get Swordz.io hack download on your computer before diving into the game for challenges.

Simple steps to get Swordz.io Hack Script

  • First step: You have to download a certain user script manager that suits your current browser, such as Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, or Violentmonkey
  • Second: Now, you will begin installing the downloaded user script on your computer.
  • And third: Simply launch it and begin to use that user script for Swordz.io game.

If you want to hone your sword-using skill, quickly jump into Swordz.io free multiplayer browser game right now! Swordz.io welcomes all players from around the world to come to enjoy and fight one another for the championship. Hopefully, you have now equipped yourself with good information about this awesome game title and have a better grasp of what to do to kill your opponents. Let’s play Swordz.io game free in your browser now!

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