Raft Royale.io

Raft Royale.io free online is set in an ocean where players have to use their rafts to move around on the surface of the water and fight one another to see who will become the last man standing. There are many battle royale io games released, but Raft Royale.io unblocked can give you a new experience. Have your skills ready to conquer it now!

The first thing you do when you step into the ocean arena is to create a raft. To make one, you should pick up some resources and materials scattered on the surface of the water then make use of them to build a raft for yourself. You will use this raft to move around the arena hunting for enemies or even killing them when you have a chance. Try to aim then shoot them while avoiding their shots. Getting shot from your enemies will make your game over, so, you must play the game carefully if you want to win. Besides enemies, you should protect yourself from different monsters lurking around the sea. They will attack you if you get close to them, so you’d better stay away from them. Keep your raft improved through over time, better it stats to make it stronger and you will have more strength to fight off the enemies. There is a leaderboard featured in this io title. You aim to get to the top rank of the leaderboard to become the winner. Join the game for free now! and have fun with it!