Playing vehicles 2D style io games online, such as UFOz unblocked will help you improve your controlling skills. Join UFOz free game now to meet new players from around the world and compete against them in rankings. The game is set in a big city where players control their own UFOs to attack the city from the suction power of the vehicles. You have the right to suck people, buildings, trees, and other objects on your way to power up yourself as well as get more points. As you suck them, the size of your UFO will become bigger, making you stronger. But, you have to be careful with other enemies around you. You cannot let them suck you, otherwise, the game will be over. Avoid them on your way and attack them quickly when you are ready. Keep your UFO upgraded to grow the suction power, giving you a higher chance to win. There are 8 levels you can upgrade to. Try to conquer them all and become the winner!