Shark online is a shark-themed io game settled in a big ocean where players play the role of hungry sharks trying to eat one another for domination and victory. Do you think you are fast enough to kill your rivals? Play unblocked right now to find your answer. You spawn in the ocean arena as just a small shark. You are getting hungry, so feel free to gobble up plankton with smaller dwelling fishes around you to get your size bigger. When you become a bigger shark, you can chase down other players then eat them all to evolve yourself much faster. Just watch out for the sharks that are larger than you. They can eat you easily, so be careful about them. Although game has a simple gameplay mechanic, it still requires you to have smarts, reflexes, and a little luck to vanquish all of your enemies. The game is also similar to other io games, such as and, but it guarantees to bring you a fresh experience and your skills will be upgraded once playing. You aim to build your own dominance in this ocean arena. To achieve it, you must grow big and get to the top rank on the leaderboard. Are you ready for this ocean challenge? Play and conquer it now!