unblocked is a challenging multiplayer game and it can be considered as the most popular snake-themed io game that everyone must play. You will be dropped on a huge map in the shape of a small snake, from here, you will try to gain size while attempting to destroy all other snakes controlled by other players. You will see that there are tons of small food orbs dispersed throughout the map. As you collect them, you will gradually grow your size. Also, you can gain size faster by eating the orbs dropped by defeated snakes. When you become a big snake, you will have some advantages to defeat other players. You can use your long body to encircle them, or speed up to outmaneuver them and quickly cut them off. But, you shouldn’t use the speed boost feature much, otherwise, your size will be reduced. Make sure you play Slither io game with smart strategies for a high chance of winning. You will become the strongest snake once you reach the top place on the leaderboard. Play it now! Don’t forget to check out Slither io mods online for extra features!