Make your battle royale experience more interesting with Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale — a free-to-play io game working on browsers. It features top-down gameplay and 2D graphics which make your gameplay much more awesome. Just have your skills ready to fight against opponents from around the world then prove that you are much even better than them! unblocked also brings 4 character options with unique attacks to you. As you play this fast-paced battle, you can unlock more various abilities to use in combat. Also, with a ranking system, you know that you must fight for the top placement on the scoreboard to become the best in the arena. Like other battle royale io games, when you step into the arena in this title, the first thing you think about is to equip yourself with weapons, supplies, items, and other gadgets. Because you are armed with nothing, you must quickly find some weapons for yourself then use them to deal damage to the enemies. At the same time, you have to avoid their shots. Taking damage from them will make you meet your end. To get new abilities, you should dish out damage to some crates on the ground as well. This also strengthens yourself and make you strong enough to deal with the tough rivals. Keep an eye on your points as you play too! The more enemies you kill, the higher the score you will get. Do you have what it takes to reach the top rank on the leaderboard yet? Play free game!