YORG.io 3

YORG.io 3 game online is the sequel to YORG.io 2 and YORG.io 1. Get ready for this third installment right now because you will have to conquer more challenges. In this title, you are a survivor who has to make a base and protect it from the attacks of waves of zombies. You can build towers with defensive items around the base before the arrival of the zombies. Make sure you fortify your base through over because the zombie waves will get tougher as the game progresses. This time, you must prepare some weapons in advance then use them to fight off all the zombies. Your strategies and tactics play an important role in the game too. Make use of anything you have to get through all stages of the game, survive until the end and you will become the winner. YORG..io 3 free online is playable in browsers. Come to check it out now!