Unlike other slither style io games, Wormroyale.io unblocked is a special game featuring the battle royale element. For a new game experience, you can play Wormroyale.io for free in your browser. All the worms are small when spawning in the arena. However, through over time fighting one another and collecting jewels, they will get bigger. You have to slither your way through the arena gathering as many jewels as possible to get your size bigger. As you grow in size, you can use the dash feature to better your movement, outmaneuver other players and make them run into you. At the same time, you should protect yourself as well as avoid running into other worms or the edge of the map, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Watch out for the map that shrinks too! Try not to get squeezed when its size is getting smaller. You must stay alive to climb up the ladder and become the best worm! Play Wormroyale.io online now! Don’t forget to try out other snake io games!