With Wormax2.io unblocked, your experience with Slither-style io games will be much improved. This is the continuation of the Wormax.io game with better features. You should play it for free in your browser if you want to master a new snake io game to enhance your slithering skills. Especially, if you already try the first chapter, then don’t miss this second chapter. It brings the fun gameplay elements of the original and has more exciting features. Rather than having just one life, now, you will have three lives to play the game. You spawn in the arena as a small worm moving around the map hunting for fruit. Pick up as much fruit as possible to grow your body. At the same time, you have to avoid other players and do not run into them, otherwise, you will lose a life. When you have no lives left, the game will be over. Hence, protecting yourself from enemies is an important thing. Focus on powering up yourself by eating fruit until you grow into a big and strong worm. That’s when you will have confidence in killing other worms. You can encircle around them or speed boost to cut them off. Make them run into your body with their heads to eliminate them from the arena then collect their dead drops to grow your size even faster. You aim to rule the arena by becoming the biggest worm with the best score on the leaderboard. Play Wormax2.io for free!