is a multiplayer shooting game with pixelated graphics. It’s set in a huge arena full of enemies around the world. You will pick a character, set a nickname, then step into the battlefield to battle it out. Make your way through the map carefully with a gun in your hand and you must quickly shoot down all players around you before you get shot. Point the gun at them, aim carefully then give out accurate shots to eliminate enemies out of the arena as you attempt to avoid the onslaught of bullets from them. You can use the walls or some blocks as a cover if you want to hide. Don’t forget that you can even jump from platform to platform to better your movement. This will help you run and escape away from tough enemies easily. Another thing you must do is to reload your weapon in time so you can deal damage to the opponents. How many kills will you pick up? Can you reach the top place on the leaderboard? Have fun with it!