Swordz.io All Updates

The release of Swordz.io updates aims to better the gameplay and bring a nicer experience to all players. Find out all updates made for Swordz.io game now!

Swordz.io All Updates

In a tough multiplayer survival game called Swordz.io, you will have a chance to perform your sword-swinging skill and see if you can become the best swordsman with the best score on the leaderboard. Swordz.io unblocked pits you against players from around the world. You must swing your weapon carefully to kill them all, collect food to grow your points and evolve yourself to the next class for unlocking new abilities. The main goal of Swordz.io free game is to top the leaderboard!

Swordz.io game was released on June 5, 2018. Ever since then, it has been receiving a wide range of updates to help polish the gameplay as well as add more interesting features for players to experience. Let’s have a look at all Swordz.io updates from 2018 to 2019!

Detailed updates for Swordz.io from 2018 to 2019

Full updates in 2019

July 21

  • Level 25: Introduced Celestial Knight
  • Level 24: Introduced Chaos Knight

July 1

  • Level 22: Introduced Guardian of the Sky
  • Level 23: Introduced Corrupted Knight
  • Made a fix to the in-game security

May 12

  • Attached the monster hurt sound to the game
  • Attached the obstacle sound to the game

May 9

  • The monsters had the health bar
  • Added hurt effect to the monsters

January 27

  • Made an improvement to the performance

Full updates in 2018

December 24

  • Made a fix to the Monster Flying bug

December 13

  • Made an improvement to the Performance
  • There was an increase in the number of players, which was up to 180 players per server.

September 19

  • Made an upgrade to the server

September 9

  • Made an improvement to the performance

August 25

  • Made a fix to the game mode bug

August 23

  • Attached Pause Button to the game
  • Attached the full screen button to the game
  • Made an improvement to the performance

August 17

  • Addressed the slash bug

August 16

  • Added +10score when the server starts again

August 15

  • Introduced new Biomes to players

August 12

  • Introduced Level 21 — Vampire Knight
  • Introduced Level 22 — Holy Knight

August 10

  • Added new score bar to the game
  • Addressed the lag bug

July 21

  • Introduced Level 19 — Darth Vader
  • Introduced Level 18 — Berzerker

July 17

  • Attached Tree, Mountain, and Pond to the game
  • Introduced Blue Lizard

July 13

  • Added new game mode to the game — PVP
  • Introduced Level 17 — Monkey King

July 9

  • Introduced Level 16 — General of the Sea
  • Introduced music & sound effects

July 8

  • The Minimap was added to the game
  • Introduced Level 15 — Jungle Shaman
  • The game was much easier to increase the level

July 7

  • Added new Asia server
  • Redesigned the Homepage

July 6

  • Introduced the Elephant and Bat
  • Made a change to the Scorpion
  • More colors were added to food

July 1

  • Made an improvement to the death graphics
  • Made a fix to the outside map bug

June 28

  • Introduced Level 14 — Holy Protector
  • Made a fix to sword bounce bug
  • Released new servers, including North America (NA), Europe (EU), and Russia, (RU)

June 27

  • Introduced Level 13 — Head Wizard of Void
  • Introduced Level 12 — Frost Dragon Slayer
  • Released Scorpion, Dragon, King Kong
  • Made the map bigger

June 26

  • Made a fix to the wrong angle after slash bug
  • Adjusted the speed of low level, making it much faster
  • Made the sword bounce faster

June 25

  • Introduce the Safe Zone to the gam
  • The speed of high-level players became slower
  • Redesigned most the entire game
  • Low level players are not able to destroy high-level players in the Food Chain mode anymore
  • Introduced Level 11 — Flame Knight
  • Made the attack physics much better

June 24

  • Introduced the New Weapon Evolution

June 6

  • Added Protection Shield to the game
  • The swords became much longer for the higher levels
  • Introduced new monsters to players

June 5

  • Redesigned most of the Swordz.io game
  • Introduced the game to the whole world