unblocked is a thrilling io game that makes you a crazy fidget spinner. In this title, you must spin your way through a huge arena trying to upgrade your fidget spinner with speed and size. There are lots of glowing gems dispersed on the ground. By gathering them, you can gradually grow the speed and size. The faster you spin, the better it becomes. You can bump into enemies that are slower than you to kill them all then collect their gems to power up yourself. However, you must look out for the players that are faster than you. Bumping into them will make you explode, and they will take your gems after killing you. You should give your spinner a speed boost to escape away from those fast players or you can chase for the smaller ones. But, don’t speed up too much, or your current speed will be decreased. You have to survive and spin your way to the top rank on the leaderboard. Play free online now! Much fun!