Stomping around a big arena in game to beat all enemies must be so fun, even though the gameplay may sound challenging a bit. You must present your stomping skills in this io tile to win over all of the enemies from around the world. Prior to the start of the game, pick a skin and customize your character as well as give him/her a nickname. Step into the arena when you are ready! Your character jumps automatically so you need to steer him/her strategically from platform to platform. Pick up many stars on your way to increase your size. Or, when you defeat an enemy, you can collect stars dropped by them too. When you get your body bigger, you will be able to stomp more enemies and make them lose their stars. Make sure you avoid getting stomped by bigger players as well as try not to bump into them, otherwise, you will be knocked back farther. You aim to reach the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best stomper in unblocked!