In another first-person shooter game called REPULS, you must show off your shooting skills when competing against skilled opponents from around the world. You cannot let them know you are a noob or a newbie here. REPULS game is the place where you can express your style. You are a knight trying to move around the map with a pistol in hand. Make use of your basic weapon to deal damage to the opponents. To power up yourself, you should pick up new weapons on the map, or even use a rocket launcher to deal even more damage. Pay attention to your opponents moves as well as know what weapons they are using, so you can have a plan to deal with them. You see some power-ups on the map. Feel free to collect them to improve yourself. You should try to increase your kill count for a higher score on the leaderboard until you get to the top as well as become the champion. Play REPULS unblocked for free and have fun with it!