HoppingBalls.io is one of the newest iO games about racing. It’s a great dark playfield for all ages to join. Experience an intense match set in space and move as far as possible. Take control of an item that can bounce when it interacts with platforms. You must keep that object safe until you dominate the highest position on the leaderboard. It is also the mission that you need to complete before you are the top winner.

Play HoppingBalls.io free online you are able to show your skills, especially the jumping ability, as your preference! Watch out! Aside from aggressive enemies, you can get troubles with a lot of traps. If your tool hits spikes or falls into pits in HoppingBalls.io unblocked, you will lose in an instant. Remember to avoid those dangerous places! It will help you increase your score and rank up as you expect. Are you ready to search for the leader and defeat him? If you love to race, do not forget to try out Nitroclash.io! Good luck!