Enjoy a new free-for-all puzzle io game called HiveSweeper free online! This is a bee-themed io game where you have to compete against all other players from around the world to see who will get a big bee hive. Each round has 6 players fighting one another to claim the biggest territory in the hive. Fighting against the other 5 bees is no easy at all when you have no ideas about if they are skilled or not. You need to make your way through the map claiming a lot of tiles. There are two tiles you can claim: safe tiles and trap tiles. The safe tiles are for expanding your territory while the trap tiles are for killing enemies. This means you must claim all the safe ones for yourself and get ready to lure enemies into the trap tiles to kill them. Do not make a mistake or use up all the tiles, because you will be destroyed, and also, other bees want to eliminate you from the arena. Try your hardest to be the most powerful bee in the hive! Play HiveSweeper game now! Have fun!