Flap Royale

Flap your wings and fly through a world full of pipes in Flap Royale unblocked now! You may have tried Flappy Bird at least once in your life before and now you can play the multiplayer version of it called Flap Royale. This time, you are not a lone bird anymore. You will face up to many enemy birds controlled by plenty of players from around the world in a tough race. All of you will fly out of an airplane then into the race! You must flap your wings carefully to survive all the pipes coming in your way and make sure you will not touch them or fly down to the ground, otherwise, you will meet your end. If you get through a pipe, you will get a score. This means the farther you fly, the higher the score you will earn. With the highest score and the last bird flying, you will totally rule the leaderboard! Much fun!