Settled in space, DarkNova.io unblocked brings an epic space battle to you. Have your skills ready for this team-based top-down shooter game to experience awesome challenges. You can belong to either the red or the blue team. The mission for you here is to battle against enemies to protect or steal the gem, or you can plant/defuse the bomb. It’s always important to eliminate the rival team because this is the only way for you to bring victory to your team. You should support your teammates to slay all enemies. As you accumulate kills, your score will be increased and you can secure your team’s victories. This lets you earn more cash to buy different ships or modifications for the next round. In DarkNova.io game, you will spectate if you join mid round. Rounds go fast, so you don’t have to wait for long. If you meet your end, you will sit and spectate for the rest of the round. Are you ready for the battle? Play DarkNova.io free now! Have fun!