Be the coolest snake in Cool free game! Are you in search of a nice snake-themed io game to master? If yes, Cool unblocked is the game for you. There are already many Slither-style io games free to play in browsers, and this title is no exception. You can totally play it for free whenever you want. The mission for you here is to eat pellets that are dispersed around on the ground when you make your way through the map. These pellets are free to absorb. Plus, they can help you build up your strength through over time. Try to eat as many pellets as possible to get your size even bigger. Pay attention to the power-ups on the map as well. They will help you get an edge over other players. To eliminate them, make them run into your body with their heads, speed up to bypass and cut them off quickly. Just defend your snake’s head from running into the body of other snakes, otherwise, you will meet your end. Can you eat and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard? Give Cool game a try now. Hopefully, you have a blast with it!