Play Cellz.io game for more fun and experiences. It is always awesome to play games like Agar.io, right? This title will have you competing against hosts of worldwide enemies. Since you are a small cell when spawning on the map, you cannot fight against other players. You have to start eating smaller randomly generated cells dispersed throughout the map to grow your body. When you gain size, you can eat anything smaller than you. But, this doesn’t mean you are not afraid of other big players. You have to run away from the bigger cells because they will eat you up if they are close to you. Protect yourself throughout the course of the game for a chance of winning. You can divide into smaller cells to take over more areas on the map. You will become the ace of the arena once you have reached the top place on the leaderboard. There are lots of game modes you can master in Cellz.io unblocked, such as FFA, Big FFA, and MegaSplit. Are you ready? Join it now!