Bumper Cars

Here comes an exciting racing io game called Bumper Cars unblocked! Try it out in your browser for free to express your racing skills. You are an alien controlling a saucer-shaped futuristic bumper car around in space to race against enemies and try to outmaneuver them for a chance of winning. You must navigate your bumper car carefully and think fast as well as move even faster. By doing so, you can smash into enemies then run them off the edge. Make sure you protect yourself from their attacks because they always try to find a way to defeat you. Whenever you smash into an enemy, your size and mass will become bigger. Although growing in size is good, it will make you find it hard a bit to control your bumper car. But this is the balancing mechanism that you have to accept. Pay attention to the play area that shrinks in size. Try to move into the safe area to avoid taking damage from it. You must climb up the ladder to become the best alien in Bumper Cars game!